Who We Are


TwyLight are a husband and wife team working together to cheer up the living spaces of those who meet us!



Designer & Artist


Mild mannered(?) IT professional by day, by night something altogether different: dragon tamer; conjuror of demons; faerie friend; elementalist and sorceror. Ian brings together the digital and creative realms to produce some stunning fantasy art,

From commissions of dragons and angels to collaborations on candle designs and sculptures, the phrase 'Could you do...' holds all the power to open portals to a multitude of undiscovered worlds.


Where shall we go next?

How We Work


Everything we create is done in the comfort of our own home! The kitchen smells of wax and essential oils and is taken over by supplies while the back room houses more stock and the creative computer along with a printer for candle labels and draft art prints.


Candles are made around a busy household, but peace descends while they are being made - if it doesn't then the candles tell me so! They are usually created when everybody else is out of the house - at work, school or play!


The artwork is created usually after the children have gone to bed or are at their various clubs. It is not quite so devastating if interrupted though!


Many weekends, usually from March to December are spent at various MBS/Holistic/Craft Fayres both locally and further afield - see the events page for more information. We are always looking for new venues and would love to take our wares to a Medieval, Gothic or Steampunk show!


TwyLight Candles at work


Kitchen Chandler


Wax alchemist Janine prides herself on providing an unapologetic alternative to mass produced, chemically 'enhanced' candles. Working entirely with natural waxes and her own blends of essential oils, she is constantly striving to harness the magic of nature to enrich and enhance a little corner of people's worlds.


'There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it'

Edith Warton


What We Do


  • We create a range of candles using only natural ingredients – no paraffin wax nor artificial fragrances or colours. Container candles are made with rapeseed wax and essential oils and pillar candles using pure beeswax.


  • We are now making our own original sculptures and moulds for pillar candles - unique and exclusive to TwyLight!


  • We also create original digital artwork using state of the art 3D rendering and digital painting techniques, with a large helping of imagination and a slice of attitude.  Fantasy, Faerie, Gothic, Steampunk - take your pick.


  • Recent experiments with wire sculpture means we are now bringing the fairies and dragons into physical existence

What We Believe


We believe that the wax and any scents used can speak for themselves – garish colours and cloying artificial perfumes have no place in TwyLight candles.  Nature is a wonderful thing and deserves to shine on her own.

Art is very personal, but we can cater for most tastes... from dark & fluffy to pink & scary!


Welcome to the TwyLight zone!